Trellis is Award-Winning. Make it Yours This Holiday Season.

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We’re thrilled to announce that Mediavine won the Innovation Award for our work on Trellis and Core Web Vitals at the 2021 Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) summit this month.

On the heels of winning the DEI Driver and Highest Health Check honors the past two years, this marks our third straight year of GCPP recognition.

Allow us to offer a huge thank you to Google for this award — and to all of our publishers who helped put Trellis on the map in the past 12 months.

We’re excited to celebrate — with you. In honor of its award-winning status, we’re offering you the biggest Trellis discount ever: 20% OFF new annual, monthly or multi-site licenses.

Oh yes, you read that correctly.

20% Off Trellis Cyber Monday use code TRELLISMONDAY

This is also your one and only chance to get that discount on renewals of your Trellis license forever.

(Keep in mind that is only on continuous subscriptions; you can’t stop and start again and keep the discount, and this promotion doesn’t apply to already active licenses.)

Happy Cyber Monday and GCPP Award Day!

Today is Cyber Monday — or, as those of us with Internet connections call it, Monday — and we’ve got a terrific offer that we promise isn’t impacted by supply chain issues:

WordPress users can enjoy Trellis for 20% off as long as you subscribe, today through Wednesday, December 1st. Simply head to the Mediavine Marketplace and use coupon code TRELLISMONDAY to check out.

We’re thrilled to offer this deal since, without you, Trellis wouldn’t have come this far.

[Waits for people to purchase, then return to this article they bookmarked.]

Okay, now that you’ve all bought and installed Trellis and are passing Core Web Vitals, let’s talk about why we won the GCPP honor and why you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Trellis Won Because it Works

This section could be summed up in two words: It works.

Google handed Mediavine the Innovation Award because Trellis, and the rest of Mediavine’s broader efforts to help publishers pass Core Web Vitals, are extremely effective at meeting that goal.

As we write this, almost 80% of Mediavine publishers who have been running Trellis for at least 30 days are passing Page Experience and the required Core Web Vitals.

Yes, you read that statistic correctly.

Consider this for context: Overall, about 30% of Mediavine’s publishers are passing — and that’s above average for the Internet as a whole.

Thanks to solutions like Optimize Ads for Page Speed and Optimize Ads for CLS, which are available to Trellis and non-Trellis sites, we give all of our publishers our best shot.

But it’s Trellis that truly makes the difference when it comes to Core Web Vitals — and makes Mediavine stand out from the competition. It’s as easy as it is powerful.

With no technical background, you can install Trellis.

With a brief plugin audit, you can begin passing.

That’s it. No speed optimization plugins needed. Just Trellis and a good caching plugin (or, ideally, caching on a CDN …. more on that in a future blog post).

trellis core web vitals by the numbers

Why Page Experience and Core Web Vitals Matter

As many of you are aware, Page Experience is a ranking factor in Google Search. It also marks the end of AMP requirements for many of Google’s news and article carousels.

The second factor above is probably the biggest reason for news sites like Mediavine’s own celebrity gossip flagship, The Hollywood Gossip, to embrace Page Experience.

But what about publishers that still aren’t in Google News?

[Side Note: You should be. There’s no downside and anyone can do it! See: THG is a Google News publisher; it’s not called The Hollywood Fact. Sign up today at the Publisher Center.]

When Google first announced its Page Experience algorithm update in June, it started with a slow roll out. Now it’s here and its impact is clear for all to see.

Page Experience is one of many factors Google takes into consideration, but it could be the difference-maker for publishers in many situations.

Page Experience and Competitive Search Traffic

Earlier this month, we spoke to John Mueller on Facebook Live. The John Mueller.

According to John, Page Experience matters, and as Google’s SEO guru, that speaks for itself.

While it’s one of hundreds of different algorithms or signals Google considers, as we said above, it’s a factor when determining the results for competitive search terms.

What did John use as an example of a competitive space? Food blogs.

Mediavine isn’t only for food bloggers, but we do have a few thousand — and we feel that all lifestyle publishers should heed John’s advice on this one.

Our mission is helping content creators build sustainable businesses. Passing Page Experience puts you in better position to do just that, by capitalizing on more organic search traffic on more competitive terms.

That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in Trellis and other solutions.

Do I Need Trellis?

If you’re already passing Core Web Vitals, and have dedicated tech resources to help you pass the upcoming new Core Web Vitals and whatever else Google plans to add in the coming years, then probably not.

But for the rest of us?

For content creators with limited resources (or who want to focus on what they love, not Core Web Vitals), Trellis effectively plugs you in to Mediavine’s engineers, product managers, designers and support team.

All of whom are here to help publishers pass current and future Core Web Vitals. It’s what we call the Easy Button that keeps your website future-proofed.

Trellis Isn’t For Everyone, But It Is For Anyone

To be clear, you don’t have to be a Mediavine publisher to run Trellis. In fact, hundreds of publishers run it today who are not represented by Mediavine Ad Management.

And yes, they, too, are eligible for this insane 20% discount on (Cyber) Monday.

Purchase today and install when you’re ready.

Watch out 2022. Trellis is coming for you.

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