Reaching 1,000 Live Publishers

Our company recently reached a milestone in launching the 1,000th live site across the Mediavine Publisher Network.

This was a true team effort, but one that wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of Brad Hagmann, who joined Mediavine last winter.

Working countless hours to streamline strategies and manage our growth, and making sure every last publisher is taken care of, Brad deserves special recognition.

b-rad the awesome

Whether he’s launching new sites, solving problems we didn’t know existed or troubleshooting endless technical issues with publishers, Brad is fantastic at what he does.

On an equally exciting note, Mediavine is proud to announce that we are commemorating our 1,000th publisher milestone with a new initiative, the MVP Loyalty Bonus:


How does this work?

Every year, when a site reaches its anniversary, we will issue a bonus payment. On the 1st anniversary of going live with Mediavine, the publisher will receive 1% of the net earnings from the previous year as an additional payment. In year 2, 2%. In year 3, 3%. In year 4, 4%.

The MVP Loyalty Bonus will continue to increase until a publisher reaches their fifth year, when it caps at 5%.

In each additional year beyond that, the publisher will continue receiving 5% back, every year, on his or her anniversary, for as long as the site is with Mediavine.

This is our way of saying thank you to those who made this the premiere network for publishers and who made the choice to join the Mediavine community.

Here’s to you – and the next 1,000 publishers!

7 thoughts on “Reaching 1,000 Live Publishers”

  1. Diane says:

    Congratulations on the finest ad network I have worked with by far. Your Team is responsive, helpful, proactive, transparent and cutting edge.
    I appreciate your highlighting Brad’s contribution. It’s not always easy for us publishers to see the behind the scene work that is done to make the network run so beautifully.
    The bonus is very inspiring and muchly appreciated. Thank you all for giving back to your publishers.

    To your next 1000. You go Mediavine! All the best.

    1. Amber Bracegirdle says:

      Thank you for such a wonderful comment, Diane. We love working with you!

  2. Chef Dennis says:

    You have changed the way ad groups are going to be working in the future! If they don’t change you’ll have all the business!

    You guys rock the house!!

    1. Amber Bracegirdle says:

      We love you, Dennis! You’re the best. Always our loudest, funnest cheerleader. Thank you!

  3. Ivy says:

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone and thank you for your generosity! You are the best!

  4. Jessie Cross says:

    I haven’t been happier since partnering with you guys! I’ve been with many other ad networks and you guys are by FAR the best ever. Your ads are fast, the code is clean, my site is humming! Not to mention your excellent communication and service. And, you’re FUN! Not that that’s a requirement, or anything. 🙂 I’m thrilled and wish you all the best! I’m sure the next 1,000 publishers isn’t far in the future.


  5. I’m thrilled to be a part of a network that is so supportive and makes me feel like we are all in this together. Mediavine is known among bloggers for their amazing service and transparent,inclusive behavior. I feel like it’s a mark of legitimacy as a blogger to be within the network!

    With a reputation like this, 1000 is a great milestone, but only the first in so many more. Congratulations, MV!! I sing your praises whenever asked. And sometimes when I’m not 😉

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