Teal Talk® Season 2, Part 2 Recap

One of the ways Mediavine fulfills its mission of building sustainable businesses for content creators is through our educational Facebook Live series: Teal Talk® with host Jenny Guy, Director of Marketing.

With each episode, Jenny chats with industry experts to provide education across all facets of the blogging industry. Teal Talk® is one of our favorite ways to connect with our publishers, and we continue that education throughout the year with our Summer of Live series.

You can join us for each episode on our public Mediavine Facebook page. Follow the page to get updates and catch our videos live, or stop by later and hit the Videos tab for a replay. We also add each and every video to our YouTube channel, where you can find a ton of other incredible video resources from past Facebook Lives and our in-person conferences!

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Missed a video? Check out all of our amazing guests from the second half of Teal Talk®, Season 2, and don’t forget to catch up on the first half of Season 2 as well!

Episode 8: Engineering the Decade You Want

Guest: Kathleen Shannon, Being Boss and Braid Creative

It’s 2020. Have you chosen your word of the year yet?

The typical new year/new you frenzy is at a fever pitch with the start of the Roaring 20s 2.0. But even if you don’t completely buy into all the hubbub, Q1 is the perfect time for content creators to invest in goal setting and our next guest is here to help you do it like a BOSS.

Kathleen Shannon is the founder of Braid Creative & Consulting and the author/co-host of the wildly popular Being Boss book and podcast. She joined Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy on Teal Talk® to share about engineering the decade you deserve.

(Originally aired Jan. 9, 2020)

Episode 9: Mediavine 2020 Preview

Guest: Eric Hochberger, Mediavine CEO

Mediavine is gearing up to make 2020 another banner year for publishers. From our upcoming WordPress framework Trellis to a new publisher Dashboard loaded with requested features, plus our plugins Create and Grow and our conference in Baltimore (June 3–5, 2020) — there’s a lot to look forward to!

And who better to share all the ins and outs than CEO Eric Hochberger? Join him and Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy on Teal Talk® as they discuss about all the goodness to come in 2020. Prepare to be wowed!

Check out our blog post all about Mediavine’s year ahead.

(Originally aired Jan. 16, 2020)

Episode 10: 2020 Mediavine Influencers Conference Preview

Guests: Lynsey Kmetz of Moscato Mom & Phillip Fryman of Southern Fatty

The countdown is on: The 2020 Mediavine Influencers Conference in Baltimore, MD is less than 4 months away! Will you be joining us for #MVCON20 June 3–5, 2020? Whether you have a ticket already or are on the fence about getting yours, don’t miss this episode of Teal Talk® featuring two of our conference speakers, Phillip Fryman of Southern Fatty and Lynsey Kmetz of Moscato Mom. They’re sitting down with Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy to share what they love about Mediavine conferences and give a sneak peek of their conference sessions (on digital photography and mastermind groups, respectively). Join us to learn all about the Mediavine event of the year!

Note: While the Mediavine Influencers Conference was cancelled due to COVID-19, you can catch many of our conference speakers all summer long during the Summer of Live, including Lynsey Kmetz’s panel discussion about masterminds on August 13.

(Originally aired Feb. 13, 2020)

Episode 11: Second Site Startup

Guests: Kristy Still of Mommy Hates Cooking & Karly Campbell of Buns In My Oven

Are you ready to take the plunge and start another website? This episode of Mediavine Teal Talk® is for you.

Starting a second site can be the ultimate additional revenue stream but how do you make it happen? Do you pick a different niche from your first site? Can you share content between your sites? And how do you manage two workloads?

For the scoop on second site startup, Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy is joined by experts Karly Campbell of the sites Buns In My Oven and That Low Carb Life and Kristy Still of the sites Mommy Hates Cooking and Air Fryer Fanatics. They are here to discuss everything from SEO to video to content creation.

(Originally aired Feb. 27, 2020. Note, since this episode aired, new application requirements for first and subsequent sites have gone into effect. Check out our post about these changes as of June 15, 2020.)

Episode 12: Spring Cleaning Your Website

Guests: Jacob Feltner of Mediavine & Lauren Gray of Once Coupled

Spring has begun and it’s the perfect time to get rid of unnecessary things that are weighing you down — and we’re not just talking about the junk closet in your spare room!

For our next episode of Teal Talk®, Jenny is joined by Lauren Gray of Once Coupled and Mediavine’s Support Engineering Manager Jacob Feltner. They’re coming by for the real talk on what you need to ditch on your site. Tune in to learn why to get rid of plugins and find out if they are negatively impacting your website’s performance, speed and revenue.

(Originally aired Mar. 12, 2020)

Episode 13: Taxes for Bloggers

Guest: Amy Northard, CPA

Whatever the 2020 due date, we ALL must eventually pay taxes. And it’s no joke that taxes for freelancers and creative business owners are often more complicated.

Amy Northard, CPA, joins Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy on Teal Talk® to walk us through how to get things done under the current circumstances and start off next year on the right foot.

(Originally aired Mar. 26, 2020)

Episode 14: Surviving Quarantine with Kids

Guests: Amiyrah Martin of 4 Hats and Frugal & Sarah Punkoney of The Stay at Home Educator

All around the world we’ve got parents in the trenches, working to add homeschooling to their expertise without losing their minds. Hang tight: We’ve got your back.

On this episode of Teal Talk®, Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy is joined by homeschooling heroes Amiyrah Martin of 4 Hats and Frugal and Sarah Punkoney of The Stay at Home Educator. They’re here with their top tips and best multitasking strategies for continuing your own work while molding young minds.

(Originally aired Apr. 2, 2020)

Episode 15: Work From Home Wellness

Guests: TQ Evans of Mediavine & Litsa Williams and Eleanor Haley of What’s Your Grief

With pretty much everyone outside of our amazing first responders working from home these days, we figured it was time to talk about wellness.

For this episode of Teal Talk®, we’re bringing Mediavine’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer TQ Evans, along with Mediavine publishers and mental health professionals Litsa Williams and Eleanor Haley of the site What’s Your Grief.

These experts offer up their tips on setting up functional schedules and productive work spaces, and discuss how to take care of our mental health, process grief and help others who are grieving during this difficult time.

(Originally aired Apr. 23, 2020)

Episode 16: Making Dashboard 2.0 Work For You

Guests: Heather Tullos & Eric Hochberger of Mediavine

Have you tried Mediavine’s new publisher Dashboard? We recently gave it a huge glow-up, and Mediavine publishers can now try it in open beta. Dashboard 2.0 is not only gorgeous, but it’s loaded with new information to help publishers optimize their content for ad revenue.

On this episode of Teal Talk®, Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy talks with CEO Eric Hochberger and Director of Publisher Support Heather Tullos. They are giving a behind-the-scenes tour of the best new features you can start using for your website today!

(Originally aired May 7, 2020)

Episode 17: Everything VA

Guest: Kayla Sloan of $10k VA

What do you know about virtual assistants? Hiring one can be a vital resource for an overworked content creator, and becoming one can be an untapped revenue stream for another.

For the season finale of Teal Talk®, we’re excited to welcome Kayla Sloan, expert VA and creator of the well-known course $10K VA. She is on hand to talk “Everything VA”, whether you’re interesting in hiring or becoming one.

(Originally aired May 21, 2020)

Bonus Episode: The ADA, Web Accessibility and Your Site

Guests: Andrew Wilder of NerdPress & Jamie Lieberman of Hashtag Legal

Is your website accessible to people with hearing or vision disabilities? Questions about The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the responsibility of website owners are swirling and we want answers!

Experts Andrew Wilder of NerdPress and attorney Jamie Lieberman of Hashtag Legal joined Mediavine’s Director of Marketing Jenny Guy on Facebook Live to separate fact from fiction on website accessibility.

Learn what you need to be doing about alt text, closed captions and more, to make your website a better user experience.

(Originally aired May 14, 2020)

The Summer of Live is underway! Be sure to join us Thursday, June 18 at 3pm Eastern as we chat with Gertrude Nonterah on Repurposing Like a Pro!

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