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25 Days of RPM

Leading up until the 25th, we’re dropping one tip each day to optimize your blog posts for next year!

The Countdown


Day 1

Increase Font Size And Line Height

Adjusting your website’s fonts can help your ads perform better. Yes, really! (It’s also great for accessibility.)


Day 3

Optimize Your In-Content Ad Settings

Do a self-audit of your ad settings in your Mediavine Dashboard to make the most of your holiday traffic.


Day 4

End Posts With Your Most Valuable Content

Find what’s attracting your readers to a post (like a printable or recipe card) and place that at the end of your content for maximum ad impressions.


Day 5

Add A Featured Video

Take advantage of the Mediavine video player’s autoplay options by adding a featured video that will run on any posts that don’t have a video yet.


Day 6

Review Your Opt-Out Settings

Visit your Mediavine Dashboard and assess the ad categories you’ve turned off. Remember: Each category turned off comes at a price.


Day 7

Monitor Your Health Checks

The health checks in your Mediavine Dashboard are there to monitor your ad performance. Optimizing your top posts can help improve your score.


Day 8


Improve your website’s engagement and collect first-party data with


Day 9

Use Create for Your Most Valuable Content

Our flagship WordPress plugin, Create, is optimized for SEO and Mediavine ads so your most valuable content can shine brighter and earn you more money.


Day 10

Shorten Your Sidebar

Keep your sidebar as simple as possible, with only a few widgets. Our sticky sidebar ad should come into view as soon as possible so it can earn you more money.


Day 11

Embed Video in Your Top Posts

Take advantage of those high video CPMs and create videos to put in your top posts. We like Animoto and Jumprope. Don’t have video? Check out our video guide.


Day 12

Increase Your Word Count

The more, the merrier when it comes to word count and ads. We suggest writing at least 500 words. Add length to your top posts especially, such as answers to common questions or other helpful tips.


Day 13

Autoplay Videos

Enable the “Autoplay First Mobile Video” and “Autoplay First Desktop Video” settings in your Mediavine Dashboard so videos will play on any page not yet running a video.


Day 14

Create A Featured Video Playlist

If you have multiple videos, set up a custom featured video playlist in your Mediavine Dashboard. This will allow your playlist to run as the featured video on pages without a post specific video embedded. Don’t miss these best practices for playlists.


Day 15

Add More Images

Inserting more unique images into your top posts increases length and gives your ads more flexibility. How many images to add will depend on your content. (Don’t forget alt text!)


Day 16

FIll Out Your Video Details

When uploading or editing a video in your Mediavine Dashboard, it’s important to fill out every field in the Video Details for SEO and RPM alike. From the title to the keywords, every detail matters.


Day 17

Add Headings

Breaking up your text with big, bold headings is not only great for your ads and SEO, but it will make for a better experience for your readers as well.


Day 18

Optimize Video Placement

Turn on our Optimize Video Placement setting in your Mediavine Dashboard. It will place manually embedded videos in the best spot for pagespeed and revenue automatically — no matter where you placed the embed code!


Day 19

Make Sure Your Site is Secure

An SSL/TLS certificate (represented by a lock symbol in a browser) builds trust and makes users feel secure. Mediavine ads are TLS compatible, and third-party cookies require it. Check your site for https and reach out to your host to get started — no excuses!


Day 20

Add Category Playlists

Get more video ad impressions with one of our newest features: Category Playlists. You can now add a video playlist to your top category pages via the Mediavine Control Panel WordPress plugin.


Day 21

Audit Your Plugins

Time for some end-of-year cleanup! Do a plugin audit to make sure your site is running faster and cleaner. Get rid of anything you don’t need so you’ll be even more ready when Trellis arrives!


Day 23

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Day 24

Don’t Compare RPM

Cliché but true: Like a snowflake, no two websites are the same. Most advertisers buy inventory based on audiences and demographics, which differ from site to site. So when you measure your performance, compare your data to your data.

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Day 25

Relax! You Did It! 

Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and curl up by the fire, because you did it! Breathe a sigh of relief. 

Thanks for following along with our advent calendar. Wishing you very happy holidays from the Mediavine team.