Digital advertising is an ever-changing world. At Mediavine, we’re here to explain anything and everything we know about ads (which is quite a lot). Tune in to our blog every week for more about what’s new in advertising.

Additionally, we’ve got some starting touchpoints to help guide you, if you’re new to this space.

  • What is Programmatic Advertising – Start here. Let us explain what we do here, from the ground up.
  • Ad Quality – And why it matters to Mediavine, are as important to understanding what we do as anything else we do here.
  • Coalition for Better Ads – Our guide to the CBA’s guidelines explains why keeping user experience front of mind is important to Mediavine.
  • Ad Viewability – Viewability is an extremely important metric to how advertisers value a website’s inventory. Learn how it is calculated, and what you can do to make sure your viewability scores are top notch.
  • Lazy Loading Ads – Learn one of the biggest reasons Mediavine is able to produce the industry’s highest viewability scores across our thousands of publishers.
  • What is RPM? – You’ll hear people talk a lot about RPM in relation to their digital advertising earnings. Learn what it is, and isn’t in this easy-to-read guide.
  • What is CPM? – What about eCPM? Are they the same? Our VP of Ad Operations, Brad Hagmann, will help you understand the difference so you can use these metrics to better understand your ad performance.
  • Ads.txt – This little file packs a whole lot of performance power and ad fraud protection.
  • 100% Fill Rate Sucks – We’ll go to the mat every time to tell you why. Learn why not focusing on fill rate makes all the difference at Mediavine.
  • What Advertisers Want – Our SVP of Sales and Revenue is here to tell you what advertisers are looking for in content creator partners, and how to help your bottom line by thinking about them in your content creation.