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Greetings and welcome to the new Mediavine website! I’m Jenny Guy, Mediavine’s Director of Marketing and your tour guide for one of the only unmasked journeys any of us are taking in 2020.

So please, remain seated, stay socially distant and keep your hands and arms inside the boat.

Now, you might notice our website has had a bit of a glow-up since your last visit and I’m here to point out some of the highlights.

As for the overall redesign vision: The main question we asked myriad talented people involved, from designers to engineers, was: “Can we make things more teal?”

The answer, and we hope you’ll agree with us here, was a resounding, “Heck YES!”

screenshot of Mediavine homepage

Anyone running a website knows that everything needs a refresh once in a while, and that’s what today’s launch is all about!

As a technology company, we know it’s important to keep up with all the latest trends in web design, functionality and features that make a really great website tick.

Enter the new and improved website! Now about those all-important new features…

Did somebody say Trellis?

That’s right, the Mediavine website is now running on our soon-to-be-in-open-beta WordPress framework Trellis.

The site not only looks better, thanks to our custom built theme on the Trellis framework, but more importantly, it’s faster. MUCH faster.

Plus, we built the new site for mobile first, which should make for a much more pleasurable experience when you’re visiting on the go.

a hand holding a phone displaying the new mediavine website

The Blog: Bigger, Better, Bloggier

We heard you loud and clear, and we agreed with you.

The old Mediavine blog was difficult to navigate and the search feature definitely left something to be desired.

NO MORE! We now have a blog design that reflects the pride we take and the time we invest in one of our primary educational resources.

Our 400+ posts are properly categorized, easily searchable and even tagged with READ TIMES.

A website should accommodate and benefit every single user for accessibility, so we’ve made sure our new site utilizes the recommended font sizes for text, proper contrast for links and alternative text for images.

screenshot of the mediavine blog homepage

Are you looking for a quick read on the topic of pagespeed or SEO? Just go to our Blog homepage to use the dropdown category menu at the top of the page and browse to your heart’s content.

But Jenny, what if I really want blog post truth bombs dropped by Director of Publisher Support Heather Tullos? Or you’re a fan of Vice President of Ad Ops Brad Hagmann and really want to catch up on all the tech numbers and data?

If only there were a way to search content by author… but WAIT!

Expanded Employee Profiles

For those of you who’ve always wanted to learn more about the Publisher Support Engineer who adjusted your sidebar like a boss or the graphic designer behind the logos you love, please meet our expanded Team page.

Here you can search for an employee by team, see their latest contributions to the blog and connect with them in their internet homes outside of Mediavine.

Don’t miss the little Easter eggs here like funny job titles and — as always — pet pictures!

(You can also click on the author of a blog post to see more posts that they’ve written!)

Video Video Video

As every Mediavine publisher knows, we are constantly encouraging them to create more original video content and we’re practicing what we preach on the new site.

We updated our Mediavine Experience video and our Mediavine Difference video, and then there’s the gorgeous new Diversity and Inclusion video that we couldn’t be more proud of.

Not only do some of our top pages have a video lightbox for you to check out, but we also added a section to our blog homepage of our top videos.

screenshot of the popular videos section on the mediavine website

And For Those Who Want More Mediavine?

We’ve got something pretty exciting on the horizon that we’d love for you to be a part of.

We’re launching a brand-new newsletter shortly, and while we’re still hammering out a couple of the details, rest assured it’s going to be loaded with essential educational content for bloggers.

For a start, it will include reminders for all our Facebook Lives, so you never have to miss another episode. Plus, we’ll be pulling from the Mediavine blog archives, our YouTube channel and social media for seasonally relevant content, so you’ll have what you want when you need it.

We’ll also be using this platform as a way to talk more about content creators — their work, their niches and the things they care about.

If you create digital content, whether you’re a Mediavine publisher or not, sign up for our newsletter today.

screenshot of the email subscription form in the footer of the new mediavine website

We’re kind-of in love, can you tell?

Our new site is a breath of fresh air for all of us at Mediavine, and we hope it is for you too.

We’re all ears for your feedback on our site and ideas for our new newsletter, so drop us a line at We love hearing from you.

And I couldn’t give you a walkthrough of our site without giving kudos to everyone on our team who worked on it along the way. Amber, Eric, Steve, Megan, Susannah, Clarissa, Rosie, Sara, Jordan C., Matt H. and the team at Agathon, you are superstars. Thank you. 

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